I remember making an airplan when i was 7, It couldn’t fly, it was too heavy.
I was born in the land of light and color; khuzestan; south of iran. When I was a child, my first experiments began in the form of scientific curiosity about my surrounding to make new instruments, that were a kind of innovation or creativity in scientific configuration. These works were a kind of playing for me.
later on, as a teenager amateur, I participated in philosophy, script writing, critic, film making, and then drawing and painting classes. Those Years i had been watching many of the most important moveis made by Bergman, Fellini, Antonioni, wailder, Hitchcock, tarkovsky, sokorov, bela tarr, miklos jancso and etc. Furthermore I tried to study west and islamic philosophy by Prof. Mostafa Malekian.
All of these activities were followed by my entering to Isfahan art university in another way. In fact my main focus went to drawing and painting. Meanwhile I studied on nature, human Anatomy and spaces with a modern approach .
later on, in 2010 i was invited to teach Art in 2 Art university; Soore” & “Elm – o – Farhang” Art University.
Today, i study on forms and colors based on eastern and Islamic patterns and reform and also reducing them.

Research and study experience
– Research about formalism and neoformalism critic. for national Radio and tv organization of Iran
– Research about structure in space in collaboration with Dr Mohammad Hosein Halimi master of color.
– Research about technique and style in contemporary painting in iran in collaboration with Dr kazem chalipa master of color and Dr habibolah sadeghi.
– Research about traditional and decorative form in the Iranian houses and mosques by the works and studies German artist Heinz Mack.
– Research about the india cinema.
– Research about the Japan cinema..
– study on philosophy in collaboration with PROF mostafa malekian.

Other activities
Onwards 2010 – Teaching painting and modern drawing and modern design at SOORE Art university .
2013-2014 – manager of painting and miniature department of “Islamicartz.com” website.
2009-2014 – Teaching painting and modern drawing at SCIENCE & CULTURE university, Faculty of fine art,.
2008-20012 – Mural painting
– illustration for magazins, 2007-2013
onwards 1996 – Graphic design.

– 2009 – Solo painting exhibition, Seyhoun art gallery, Tehran, Iran
– 2006 – Solo painting exhibition, Seyhoun art gallery, Tehran, Iran

2017-2018 – Group painting Ex, masters of soore university, Ayeh art gallery , Tehran , Iran
– 2017 – Group painting Ex, Mah art gallery , Tehran , Iran | more
– 2016 – Group painting Ex, Aria art gallery , Tehran , Iran
– 2015 – Auction, Seyhoun art gallery  Tehran, Iran
– 2014 – Auction, Seyhoun art gallery  Tehran, Iran
– 2014 – Participate in a project , mirror working in Touchal mountain , Tehran, Iran
– 2013 – Auction, Seyhoun art gallery  Tehran, Iran
– 2013 – Tehran Photo Expo, ‘Khane honarmandan-e iran’ Art gallery, Tehran , Iran
– 2013 – Group painting exhibition, Imam-ali museum, Tehran, Iran
– 2012 – Group drawing exhibition, Homa art gallery, Tehran, Iran
– 2012 – Auction, Seyhoun art gallery  Tehran, Iran
– 2012 – Participate in painting work shop, Tehran contemporary museum of art
– 2011– Tehran Painting biannual 8th
– 2010 – new generation of painter ex, Homa art gallery , Tehran, Iran
– 2008 – Group exhibition, inIsfahan art gallery, Isfahan, Iran
– 2006 – Group exhibition in Shive art gallery Shiraz, Iran
– 2004 – Participate in conceptual art exhibition, Isfahan University
– and many other ex onwards 2004

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